Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  • Antonio Lukich
  • Ukrajina
  • 2022
  • 105'
  • Lyuksemburh, Lyuksemburh

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There are many beautiful places to die. Luxemburg is not one of them. Beauty aside, dying in Luxembourg is expensive business. When they find out that their estranged father is ill in Luxemburg, twin brothers Kolja and Vasja embark on a trip to see him one last time. Will the man they find be the bad-ass they remember? This humorous and sharp film about fathers and sons was shown in the Horizons program at Venice IFF and Toronto IFF, while critics have compared its direction to that of Martin Scorsese.

Subtitles: EN, HR

Antonio Lukich

Antonio Lukich (1992) is a Ukrainian director. In 2015, he earned his bachelor degree in film direction. His first feature My Thoughts Are Silent (2019) screened and was awarded at a series of international festivals such as Karlovy Vary IFF and Raindance IFF. Lukich is a recipient of the Ukrainian Film Academy Award and he received the Merited Artist of Ukraine Award in 2021.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Antonio Lukich
Antonio Lukich
Amil Nasirov, Ramil Nasirov, Natalia Gniti, Lyudmyla Sachenko, Victor Drapikovsky, Doris Maidaniuk, Karyna Cherchevych
Misha Lubarsky
Oleksandr Chornyi, Ivan Bannikov, Olexander Legostaev
Anna Yatsenko, Vladimir Yatsenko
Festivals & Awards
Venice Film Festival; Toronto Int'l Film Festival; Cottbus Film Festival; Thessaloniki Int'l Film Festival; Chicago Int'l Film Festival; Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

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