Good Times, Bad Times

  • Nevio Marasović
  • Croatia
  • 2023
  • 72'
  • Pamtim samo sretne dane

A tired old man sits in a restaurant watching the guests, but it’s as if he already knows them. As he listens to their conversations, it seems he has heard them somewhere before. The waiting room to the other world leaves no choice – in the role of judge and jury, the old man must observe the most important moments of his life, filled with regrets and wrong decisions. Famous Slovenian actor Radko Polič’s last film is a surreal and melancholic piece by award-winning director Nevio Marasović (Vis-À-Vis – ZFF 2013; Goran – ZFF 2016), who has proven his directing chops in a handful of different genres, from disaster films and metacomedies, to darkly comic thrillers and romantic dramedies. He is the winner of several Golden Arenas.

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Nevio Marasović

Nevio Marasović (1983) graduated in film and TV directing from the Academy of Dramatic Art. His first feature The Show Must Go On (2008) earned him the Breza Award for Best Debutant at the Pula Film Festival, also receiving Golden Arenas for Best Screenplay and Special Effects. His second feature, Vis-À-Vis, was shown at ZFF in 2013, followed by Goran (2015) and Comic Sans (2017), the latter of which won the Audience Award at Pula and six Golden Arenas, including Best Director.

Good Times, Bad Times

Nevio Marasović
Gjermund Gisvold
Radko Polič, Ivana Starčević, Andrija Žunac, Zlatko Burić-Kićo, Stjepan Perić, Tena Nemet Brankov, Marko Petrić, Lana Meniga, Toma Medvešek, Leona Paraminski, Janko Popović Volarić, Tonka Kovačić, Jona Despot, Nina Violić, Goran Bogdan, Tara Thaller
Damir Kudin
Tomislav Pavlic
Nina Petrović
Festivals & Awards
Pula Film Festival

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