Àma Gloria

  • Marie Amachoukeli-Barsacq
  • France
  • 2023
  • 83'

Lively six-year-old Cléo loves many things, but most of all Gloria, her nanny. When Gloria’s mother dies and she is forced to return home to take care of her children, Cléo’s father gives in and allows her to spend the summer with Gloria on the Cape Verde Islands. Suddenly, Gloria’s attention is divided between her own son César and her plans for the future. Cléo is no longer the centre of Gloria’s universe. Premiering at Cannes Critics’ Week, this tender and moving coming-of-age drama is the first solo feature directed by Marie Amachoukeli-Barsacq, whose debut Party Girl (co-dir. Claire Burger, Samuel Theis; ZFF 2014) won the Camera d’Or at Cannes.

Subtitles: EN, HR

Marie Amachoukeli-Barsacq

Marie Amachoukeli-Barsacq is a French director and screenwriter. She graduated from the prestigious French film school La Fémis. Her directorial feature debut, Party Girl (ZFF 2014), which she co-directed with Claire Burger and Samuel Theis, premiered at Cannes, winning the Camera d’Or. Ama Gloria (2023) is her sophomore feature.

Àma Gloria

Marie Amachoukeli-Barsacq
Marie Amachoukeli-Barsacq
Louise Mauroy-Panzani, Ilça Moreno Zego, Arnaud Rebotini, Fredy Gomes Tavares, Abnara Gomes Varela, Domingos Borges Almeida
Inès Tabarin
Suzana Pedro
Bénédicte Couvreur
Lilies Films
Festivals & Awards
Cannes Film Festival – Critics' Week; BFI London Film Festival; Zurich Film Festival

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