• Pietro Marcello, Francesco Munzi, Alice Rohrwacher
  • Italy
  • 2021
  • 108'

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Three distinguished Italian directors – Alice Rohrwacher, Francesco Munzi and Pietro Marcello – embark on a research trip across Italy, meeting teenagers of different backgrounds and openly talking about their home towns, expectations, longings, fears and dreams, and the obstacles they must overcome to achieve them. Premiered in the Directors’ Fortnight section in Cannes, Futura is an valuable and intriguing documentary feature about the future from the point of view of young people, which deals with the pressing issues of today while also raising hope for a better tomorrow.

Subtitles: EN, HR

Pietro Marcello, Francesco Munzi, Alice Rohrwacher

Pietro Marcello studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. He made a number of films, including The Mouth of the Wolf, which won the Teddy Award at the Berlinale. His filmography includes Crossing the Line (Venice 2007), The Silence of Pelešjan (Venice 2011), Lost and Beautiful (Locarno 2015) and For Lucio (Berlinale 2021). His feature debut Martin Eden (2019), based on Jack London’s novel, won a number of awards, including the Volpi Cup for Best Actor in Venice and the Platform Award in Toronto.

Francesco Munzi, born in Rome, graduated in political science and film direction. His feature debut Saimir (2004) won the Luigi De Laurentiis Award for Debut Film in Venice. He also directed The Rest of the Night (Cannes 2008 – Directors’ Fortnight) and Black Souls (Venice 2014).

Alice Rohrwacher graduated in classical literature from the University of Turin, wrote plays, worked as a musician, and then devoted herself to film. She has directed a number of films, including Heavenly Body (Cannes – Directors’ Fortnight; Sundance), The Wonders (Cannes 2014 – Grand prix), Happy as Lazzaro (Cannes 2018 – Best Screenplay), La Chimera (Cannes 2023). In 2016, she directed her first opera, a new version of La Traviata for the Teatri di Reggio Emilia.


Pietro Marcello, Francesco Munzi, Alice Rohrwacher
Pietro Marcello, Francesco Munzi, Alice Rohrwacher
Ilyà Sapeha
Aline Hervé
Avventurosa, Kino Rai
Festivals & Awards
Cannes Film Festival – Directors' Fortnight; Toronto Int'l Film Festival; CPH:DOX

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