Kung Fu Lion 

  • Froukje Tan
  • The Netherlands, China
  • 2023
  • 85'
  • Kung Fu Leeuw

Teenager Jimmy is a talented but temperamental disciple at a kung fu studio in Rotterdam. As the street celebration with the ceremonial lion dance approaches, Jimmy is convinced he will get to perform the head. But the prestigious place belongs to the new student Li, while Jimmy ends up under the lion’s tail. Jimmy decides to get back on top, in the process having to deal with annoying school bullies and convincing the teacher that he deserves the promotion. But above all, he will have to overcome himself.

Subtitles: EN, HR

Froukje Tan

Froukje Tan (1968) is a Dutch screenwriter and director. She graduated from the Willem de Koonig Academy in Rotterdam, where she studied animation, film and photography. She has directed documentaries for children, one documentary series, plays for Dutch television and several short absurdist films.

Kung Fu Lion 

Froukje Tan
Froukje Tan
Tyrell Williams, Haye Lee, Senna Rijsdijk, Lau Kar-Yung
Josje van Erkel
Christine Houbiers
Sabine Veenendaal
Flinck Film
Festivals & Awards
Int'l Film Festival Rotterdam

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