• Nicole van Kilsdonk
  • The Netherlands
  • 2023
  • 92'
  • Okedoeibedankt

Age: 10+

Jamie and Imane are new friends and students at a Dutch boarding school for the deaf. When Jamie’s grandmother falls ill and ends up in a Paris hospital, her parents inform her that there is not enough time to take her along. But daring Imane has an even bolder idea – the two of them will travel to Paris alone to visit Jamie’s grandmother. But what sort of trip would it be if everything went according to plan? A series of obstacles and extraordinary encounters will turn their journey into an unforgettable adventure. Okthanksbye is an adventure story about growing up, friendship and family, but also about claiming your place in a world that doesn’t always make room for you.

Subtitles: HR

Nicole van Kilsdonk

Nicole van Kilsdonk (1965) is a director and screenwriter. She earned a degree from the Academy of Journalism, after which she graduated in screenwriting and directing from the Netherlands Film and TV Academy. She directs films for all ages, while her family films have screened all over the world. Among them is the award-winning The Day when My Father Became a Bush (KinoKino 2017), filmed in co-production with Croatia.


Nicole van Kilsdonk
Lilian Sijbesma, Nicole van Kilsdonk
Mae van de Loo, Douae Zine El Abidine, Josephine Koning, Bente Jonker, Arjan Bouwmeester, Petra Karlas, Cas Wolters, Casper Wubbolts, Lasse Jonas Rogie, Paloma Plantenga, Carmen Mellema, Inez Reintjes
Jeroen Kiers
Michiel Boesveldt NCE
Rogier Kramer, Robert Kievit
Labyrint Film
Festivals & Awards
New York Int'l Children's Film Festival; BUFF Malmö; Kristiansand Int'l Children's Film Festival; Milwaukee Int'l Film Festival

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