Full of Grace

  • Roberto Bueso
  • Spain
  • 2022
  • 109'
  • Llenos de gracia

Age: 10+

It’s the summer of 1994. All eyes are on the green football fields. In the midst of the global World Cup euphoria, an unusual nun, Marina, arrives at a Spanish home for abandoned children. The boys welcome her with mischief, stealing groceries from shops, fighting with neighbourhood kids and driving the locals crazy. When the bishop decides to turn the home into a private school wishing to make money, the strict nuns discover their rebellious side and start a football team with the boys in order to win the hearts of the community and keep their idyllic home and only refuge. The film was inspired by childhood memories of former Real Madrid footballer Valdo López.

Subtitles: HR

Roberto Bueso

Roberto Bueso graduated in film direction from ECAM in Madrid. His student short film La noche de las Ponchongas won awards and special mentions at several festivals. In 2015, he won the Proyecto Canal+ award at the Gijón Film Festival with his project La colchoneta. In 2018, he made his first feature film, Tornar a casa, in Valencia.

Full of Grace

Roberto Bueso
Roberto Bueso, Óscar Díaz Cruz
Carmen Machi, Paula Usero, Anis Doroftei, Pablo Chiapella, Manolo Solo
Victor Entrecanales
Jaime Colis
Fernando Bovaira, Guillem Vidal-Folch
Misent Producciones, Mod Producciones, The Nun Producciones A.I.E.

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