My Flat

  • Zvonimir Berković
  • Yugoslavia (Croatia)
  • 1962
  • 13'

– Shown with Housekeeping for Beginners

Zagreb in the early 1960s. An ordinary Zagreb family lives in a cramped flat in an old residential building and dreams of a more spacious home that will be theirs alone. A humorous story about their subsequent move to their own flat in a new building, told from the perspective of their little daughter. Inspired by the novel The Diary of Little Perica, My Flat is the directorial debut of Zvonimir Berković, the director of Croatian film classic Rondo and screenwriter of what many consider the best Croatian film, H-8. The film was screened at Cannes, where it won the Short Film Jury Prize.

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Zvonimir Berković

Zvonimir Berković (1928 – 2009) was a film director, screenwriter and playwright. He won multiple Golden Arenas at the Pula FF, while his directorial debut, the fiction short My Flat (1962), received the Jury Prize at Cannes. He is most notable as the director of films such as Rondo (1966, Golden Arena for Best Screenplay), The Scene of the Crash (1971) and Countess Dora (1993, Golden Arena for Best Film and Screenplay), and as the screenwriter of the feature H-8 (1958, Golden Arena for Best Screenplay) directed by Nikola Tanhofer.

My Flat

Zvonimir Berković
Zvonimir Berković
Ljiljana Gener, Ivan Uzelac, Ivo Kadić, Gordana Skok, Marijan Saridžić
Hrvoje Sarić
Lida Braniš
Zagreb film
Festivals & Awards
Cannes Film Festival 1963 – nagrada žirija za najbolji kratkometražni film

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