Housekeeping for Beginners 

  • Goran Stolevski
  • North Macedonia, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo
  • 2023
  • 107'
  • Domakinstvo za pocetnici

– Shown with My Flat

Dita (Anamaria Marinca – 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, ZFF 2007) never wanted to be a mother, but after the death of her partner Suada, she is forced to take care of her two daughters, little troublemaker Mia and rebellious teen Vanesa. Her longtime friend Toni comes to her aid. As the battle of wills flares up, the three become an unusual family, forced to fight to stay together. Household for Beginners is Goran Stolevski’s turn into the genre of an intense family drama, after directing the popular folk horror You Won’t Be Alone (2022). Household for Beginners premiered at Venice, where it won the Queer Lion Award.

Subtitles: EN, HR

Goran Stolevski

Goran Stolevski is a Macedonian-Australian film director and screenwriter. His first feature You Won’t Be Alone (2022) premiered in competition at the Sundance Film Festival, while his second film Of an Age (2023) opened the Melbourne International Film Festival. He also shot a number of shorts, including Would You Look at Her (2018), which won the International Short Fiction Jury Award at Sundance.

Housekeeping for Beginners 

Goran Stolevski
Goran Stolevski
Anamaria Marinca, Alina Serban, Samson Selim, Mia Mustafa, Vladimir Tintor, Dzada Selim
Naum Doksevski
Goran Stolevski
Marija Dimitrova, Klaudia Śmieja- Rostworowska, Beata Rzeźniczek, Ankica Jurić Tilić, Milan Stojanović, Blerta Basholli
List Production, Madants, Kinorama, Sense Production, Industria Film
Festivals & Awards
Venice Int'l Film Festival – Queer Lion

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