Container Scanning

  • Edvin Hallberg, Anton Hellström
  • Sweden
  • 2023
  • 13'
  • Jörgen Hyltes Svåger

This is a film about a world without conflict, where constant dialogue is one of the cornerstones, as is Peter’s interest in music, Niklas’s corporate commitment, Viveka’s ergonomic solutions, Peter’s risk assessments or the requirements for an energy-efficient exhaust system. Container Scanning is a humorous rendering of a world where conversations transpire with no end or aim in sight.

Subtitles: EN, HR

Edvin Hallberg, Anton Hellström

Edvin Hallberg and Anton Hellström are directors and members of the Swedish collective KonstAB, which has had performances at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Gothenburg City Theatre and Teater Brunnsgatan Fyra. Together they run the podcast “Stefan and Thomas”. Container Scanning is their directorial debut.

Container Scanning

Edvin Hallberg, Anton Hellström
Anton Hellström, Edvin Hallberg
Rasmus Lindgren, Martin McFaul, Peter Nelson, Peter Bäcklund, Fredrik Evers, Gunilla Johansson Gyllenspetz, Anki Albertsson, Jenny Palén, Jacob Hellström, Anki Albertsson
Filip Aladdin
Anton Hellström, Edvin Hallberg
Albin Stööp, Axel Danielson
KonstAB, Plattform Produktion, Film i Väst, Sveriges Television
Festivals & Awards
Göteborg Film Festival

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